PkOwnage Login & PK

Welcome to PkOwnage, Young Warrior! Adventure Awaits you...

Competitive Adventure

Explore PkOwnage, We have tons of new OSRS Content which includes 20+ Bosses, Custom Minigames and all Skills & Skill pets, you might struggle to choose what you want to achieve first on this massive content filled server.

Co-op Gameplay

Play PkOwnage together with a friend, Invite your friends or meet someone new in-game, take on our Hardest Bosses for the best gear in the game with friends, or even aim for that #1 spot on the Highscores!

Diamond Content

At PkOwnage, we want to add the great content you want! PkOwnage boasts of lots of great features such as Drop Tables, Kills tracker, Points Systems and so much more! The Adventure is yours!

Intense PvP & PvM

With a great Variety of areas to fight in, you'll never choose a Favourite spot!

All Skills Working

Competitive Highscores, OSRS Skill Pets & All Skills work to Achieve that Max Cape!

Iron Man Mode

Test your Knowledge and willpower in this Epic Solo Game Mode. Can you do it?

Weapon Minigame

Fight a minimum of 5 Players in a epic race to 10 kills to Win and gain Rewards!

Safe Clan Wars

Take part in Epic Clan Battles to see who's Top Dog! or, you could just 1v1 a friend.

Player-Owned Shops

Set up a shop, sell unwanted goods whilst afk or you're out grinding to be the best!

Unique Bosses

Test yourself against some of the Hardest OSRS Bosses, we boast of 25+ of them!

Raid System

Fight to the death in a Boss Raid which will test your strengths and earn Rewards.

General Graardor Godwars Artwork
Corporeal Beast
Lord of the Rings - Dagganoth Rings
Lizardman Shaman
Black Slayer Helm Artwork
Defiler Pest Control NPC